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An affiliate of BlockPark Holdings have successfully acquired the land and entitlements to develop the DT57 Towers Project: Two fifteen story mixed-use towers in Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada. The development of the towers will be led by Jon Rodgers, managing principal of Acclivity Partners. The architectures is currently being designed by, Ed Vance, CEO and principal of EVA Architects, and built by the award-winning, Martin Harris Construction company.


Our Latest Renderings for DT57 Towers


How it Works

Main reasons why property owners and tenants around the world will want to use our system.

We envision tenants having a financial interest in the profitability of their rentals along with multiple real estate developments & assets all sharing the same token economy to incentivize tenants and owners to build stronger communities. The SAAS property management software will be implemented in our own properties we call, BlockParks. In addition, the software will be sold to 3rd party subscribers such as, property owners, managers, asset holders, developers, and REITS. The platform can be used in properties all around the world, which gives owners the trust network needed; and tenants the ability to invest in the communities they live in simply by paying their rent.


Cutting edge Real Estate SAAS solution on Blockchain

Main reasons why property owners and tenants around the world will want to use our system.

  • Decentralization (Bringing blockchain to real estate)
  • Transparency for property owners
  • Security
  • Verification of payments
  • Verification of financials (Rent roll, P&L, Accounting)
  • Automation (Accounting, reports, taxes, exc.)
New Revenue Stream

Tokens may add additional revenue by implementing a medium of exchange within a controlled ecosystem. This revenue can be used to:

  • Potentially keep rents attainable for tenants. With the use of tokens, the total yield can potentially keep property owners independent from market volatility and instead tied to the company’s growth potential itself.
  • Build housing in areas where the cost to build is higher than the cost to live. Should the value of the tokens go up, the additional income generated can be added to the yield to make projects more viable.
Build & Galvanize Real Communities
  • Community profit sharing
  • Tenant incentive for paying rent on time
  • Encourages people to move to the building
  • Encourages people to have pride in the community they live in

Creating a win-win
for everyone

BLOK tokens have a hybrid functionality being a dividend bearing security, and a medium of exchange within a defined market. By using a fixed supply of tokens within the ecosystem; investors both inside, and outside the community can potentially profit with every additional property added to our blockchain.

Tenants are rewarded with BLOK Tokens for paying rent on time through the BPT platform. The dividend bearing security enables them to have a vested interest in their community. We call this “Community Profit Sharing.”


Revenue Streams

Revenue for BlockPark Technologies (BPT) is generated two ways. First, by selling subscriptions to property owners, managers, developers, asset holders and REITS. And 2nd, by having a 35% ownership share of BlockPark Holdings company (BPH) whose objective is to develop and acquire investment properties around the world.

SAAS – Property Management Software Subscription

  • Targeting large scale real estate portfolios such as Property owners, managers, institutional asset holders, and REIT’s around the world.
  • BP software will be used by BlockPark Holdings company Properties owned and operated by BlockPark Holdings Company.

BPT has an equity right to 35% of profit distributions made by BPH

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The BLOK token sale events are unique as they offer tiered bonuses which include increasing token price and lifetime discounts.


The BlockPark Team

The BlockPark team consist of experienced veterans from their field

Daniel Riceberg


Benjamin Fenton


Rand Alexander

Creative Director

Jon K. Rodgers

Real Estate Developer

Nate Patel

Software Architect

Josh Lawler

Strategy Lawyer

Ronen Sartena

Business development

Bobir Akilkhanov

Marketing Advisor

Strategic Partners


Questions and Answers

A few commonly asked questions by our potential investors are listed here. If you have any other question please send us using contact us form and we will get back to you asap.

How much is it going to cost to build the DT57 Towers project?

Tower One will be built first and currently has 250 residential units. The estimated cost is $89,350,000.

How far along is Block Park Holdings on building the DT57 towers?

Land and entitlements have been acquired by an affiliate of Block Park Holdings who hired Acclivity Partners LLC to develop the project.

Are BLOK tokens openly traded on an exchange?

Block Park Technologies is offering digital shares of stock through a Reg D, 506 C offering, which comes with a one-year holding restriction. After one year, the digital shares can migrate to a token shall the company choose to do so.

How are dividends paid to token holders?

When and if declared by the company board of directors BlockPark token holders may receive dividends. The BPT platform is built on the Stellar blockchain which enables us to pay dividends directly to token holders in the form of XLM tokens, which is the native Stellar token.

How is the money being raised for the DT57 Towers?

Acclivity Partners LLC will be raising their own capital for the DT57 Towers using their preferred equity partners, investment banking firm, and conventional financing.

Do tenants have to buy BLOK tokens to pay rent?

No, tenants create a digital wallet when they sign their lease that is connected to their bank account. Rent payments are made directly from their bank account to the BPT platform.

How long does it take for tenants to receive their BLOK token credits?

Tenants receive BLOK token credits after they pay their rent. The BPT platform is designed to reward tenants automatically after the rent payments are confirmed.

What can tenants do with BLOK tokens once they receive them?

Unlike a 401k where account holders are restricted from withdraw, the BPT platform allows tenants to choose. 1) Tenants can exchange BLOK tokens for fiat. 2) Trade BLOK tokens on an exchange for other cryptocurrencies? 3) Hold BLOK tokens they receive because it’s a dividend bearing security and they like the fact that they can invest in the community they live in.

Do investors receive dividends from the software subscriptions, or the rent payments?

Both. Investors / BPT token holders receive 100% of the SAAS revenue generated by software subscriptions. BPT token holders also own a 35% equity stake in Block Park Holdings. Here, they will receive 35% of the net operating income from all the properties in the Block Park Holdings portfolio.


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