Decentralize Your Property Management to Scale Up Your Growth

While real estate might be making a comeback as the hot new area of investment, true professionals understand the challenges that real estate brings to the table. Anyone can get started with a single rental property or slowly acquiring one house after another in a small area, but what about large scale property ownership? Doing that well and getting the numbers to maximize both value and cash flow: now that’s a challenge!

Anyone who follows the big players in real estate or has even tasted a bit of their own success understand why the work is worth it to find a truly good deal. However, finding several of these good deals is hard enough even before figuring out how to leverage and scale your holdings whether you’re a large scale property owner, property management company, or REIT.

The key to this is the ability to embrace decentralized property management through the use of smart software and smart manager hiring.

Why You Need to Decentralize

In short, decentralizing is how you prevent yourself from getting in your own way by micro-managing. If you’re handling every single detail, even those that don’t matter or those you’re not the most qualified to handle, then you will never be able to scale your property portfolio at its full potential.

In addition to this, there are unfortunately trust issues. Centralized data can be manipulated, it can be exploited, it can be shifted and changed. Even the smallest changes can result in that data being deeply flawed and when you’re dealing with millions of dollars, those changes are no laughing matter!

Decentralized data means the information you need to make smart investment & growth decisions isn’t in one place. It can’t be manipulated, it can’t be overridden – what you see are the hard-unchanged numbers.

Harnessing the Power of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is most well-known with crypto-currency right now, but it has many other applications. Blockchain has harnessed the best in cutting edge computer technology to create software that is faster, more efficient, more transparent, and more secure. Add in reduced costs and that’s why so many business titans and software engineers believe in what blockchain brings to the table.

Our new software harnesses the benefits of this new technology to provide better software for managing large numbers of properties from a decentralized position. The smart use of blockchain real estate software programming means your data is secure, it can’t be manipulated, and it is secure. Because of that decentralized network, there’s a lot of trust. Spend less time double and triple checking numbers and know the data is good – so you have the mobility and confidence to act on a really good deal when it comes up or sell off an asset that is underperforming.

What’s This Mean for the Future?

When you have a reliable cutting edge, software programmed to meet your decentralized property management needs, you have a clear edge over the competition. In a field that is already known for being incredibly competitive, every little edge makes a big difference and the perfect software isn’t a little edge – it’s a huge one.

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