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Accreditation is not required for Non-US Persons

BlockPark Technology is an equity holder in a real estate company developing software to grow a token economy

Real Estate Development

Profitability potential of rentals along with multiple real estate developments & assets.

SAAS Software

Property management software will be sold to 3rd party users such as, property owners, managers, developers, and REITS.

High Growth BlokToken

A token economy to incentivize tenants and owners to build stronger communities.

Are you a US person?

This globally compliant, Regulation D and Regulation S securities offering aims to raise $4,400,000 for BlockPark Technologies, Inc. The purchase minimum is $10,000. United States purchasers must qualify as accredited Investors.


Information provided on this page is provided as of March 22nd, 2019 and is entirely qualified by information to be provided to purchasers of BLOK tokens in a private placement memorandum prior to any purchase decision. The private placement memorandum shall be the sole source of information upon which purchasers of BLOK tokens to rely in determining whether to purchase. BlockPark Technologies, Inc. may adjust, revise, or deviate from this information in its sole description at any time. Certain of the information includes forward looking statements which reflect our responsible expectations. We cannot with respect to any of the information provided, future results and events will reflect the information provided.

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